Our Story

Hello, we are the Potter Family.

Let me start off by letting you know that, yes, we had12 puppies

but we are not breeders nor did we ever intend to breed our golden retrievers. In fact, when we found out that our dogs were about to become parents we were shocked and scared to death!

We did not intend to have any of these beautiful creatures. These wonderful and amazing puppies went on to challenge us like nothing else could and completely change our lives. Not not only did they change our lives but they also changed the lives of all the wonderful people who came out of nowhere to adopt them!

You're right, your dog is definitely pregnant but there appear to be more thank you expected...we counted

12  puppies!

There is a problem with her cervix and she will not be able to go into labor on her own. She will need a c-section immediately..."

Meet The Team

  • Brienne (Brie)

    Formerly known as Daisy. Jenna named her after her favorite character, Pheobe, from "Friends". She picked her to be the one and only to name because she had her favorite color collar on, yellow.

  • Eloise (Ellie)

    Formerly known as Rosebud. She was given a hot pink collar so Caroline named her after Penny's nickname Rosebud. The little girl Caroline babysat for called Penny Rosebud after a character from the mpvie Air Bud.

  • Fincher (Finch)

    Formerly known as Hunter. We named him after the hunter green color he had. Before the green collar he had a light blue collar and we named him Apollo. We switched the collar  and the name because they just didn't fit his personality.

  • Henry (Mudbud)

    Formerly known as Mudbud. He was given a green collar so Caroline named him after Simon's nickname Mudbud. The little girl Caroline babysat for called Simon, our first Golden, Mudbud after a character from the movie Air Bud!

  • Luna (Piglet)

    Formerly known as Piglet. She was the smallest girl  from birth. Caroline named her after her favorite character from Winnie the Pooh because she was just so cute and little when she was born! 

  • Macey (Stinky)

    Formerly known as Stinky. Caroline's friend Molly, who was with us when we took Penny to the ER to give birth just thought she was so cute that she named her Stinky because it was cutest name she could think of when she picked her up!

  • Maggie (Petunia)

    Formerly known as Petunia. She was given a purple collar and Ailey's boyfriend, Harry, named her Petunia because she we were naming a lot of the girls after flowers and that was the first one he thought of that might be purple in color!

  • Mike (Big Mike)

    Mike was born the biggest puppy and we thought he would end up being the alpha but he's a big sweetie! He was named after Handyman Mike who we hired to stain out deck this summer and caught Penny and Finley "in the act" that started this whole thing!

  • Sammie (Pheobe)

    Formerly known as Daisy. Jenna named her after her favorite character, Pheobe, from "Friends". She was the only one that she named  because she had her favorite color collar on, yellow.

  • Scout (Peanut)

    Formerly known as Peanut. She was named Peanut because she was one of the smallest and it was so appropriate. Well she must have known this and wanted to prove that she was not to be messed with! She is the most confident of them all! 

  • Teddy

    Teddy has always been Teddy. He was always one of the biggest puppies. He was overlooked by most of the adopting parents because he was always hiding in the corner. One of the reasons we knew he was the one for us!

  • Tucker (Steve)

    Formerly known as Steve. At the time we thought he was the smallest, the "runt". Caroline and her friend Molly came home from Penny's C-section at 4 am and thought Steve would be a great name for him and his name became the most iconic!

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We had no idea what we were getting into that evening that we took Penny to the ER. We had no idea that the doctors would tell us that she needed a c-section right then and there or else she, as well as all 12 puppies, would be at risk and may not make it through the birth. We had no idea that we would be bringing 12 fetuses home in a laundry basket and that we would be left on our own to figure out how we were going to keep them all alive! We had no idea how we were going to survive the night let alone the next 8 weeks!

Penny's Puppies from Heaven


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