Our Story

Hello, we are the Potter Family and let me start off by letting you know that yes, we had 12 puppies but we had absolutely no intention of becoming breeders... we have a whole new respect for breeders now! As great as it was, we will never be doing this again!

Ok, I guess I should tell you a little about us first, we are a family of 5 living in the suburbs, we have three beautiful daughters that were all born within a three year time span. So needless to say our house has always been chaotic. We have always loved animals and got our first cats when our oldest was just 2 years old because she just "loved kitties" so much. The cats ended up being pretty easy and we have loved all of our cats. It wasn't until we got our first dog that we really understood what "dog people" have been trying to tell us all those years, that there is nothing like the love you have for your dog!


Our middle daughter hounded us for years to get a dog. I didn't grow up with dogs so I have to admit I had a low-key fear of dogs. Then one of my best friends (who was not a "dog person" either) promised her dog-begging daughter a dog when she turned ten years old. Well sure enough, she turned 10 and, guess what, "Mom & Dad, you promised"! Yikes! It all turned out well in the end for them so why not? Well, I didn't listen to her "yikes" moment, I was clouded by the cuteness of puppies and did the same thing... "Sure Ailey, when you are 10 you'll be old enough to take care of a puppy." I really believed that she was old enough to handle at least some of the responsibilities of taking care of a puppy. I actually believed that my kid, who dog-sat all summer, was really going to help me with this.  He was "her dog", after all, right? She agreed to this! oh, and remember, we were not "dog people", we have cats, so what's the difference, right? Then I start thinking about the therapy bills we may have in the future because we never got our kids a dog like all of the other kids at school... look how much money we are saving by getting a dog, honey ... how hard can it be? When I was a kid all of the neighbors had dogs and their parents never complained...


Well, Ailey actually turned 10 and I had to revisit my "promise". Ugh!!! So what do I do? What do I do with everything... I do months of research... I decide that Golden Retrievers are great family dogs.  Turns out that I have a neighbor that has a gorgeous purebred Golden Retiever who is also a trained as a therapy dog. Are you kidding me ... that must be the perfect breeder! She give me the name of her breeder and I called her right away! It just so happened that she only had one puppy left, he was 14 weeks old and already trained. Bonus, already trained, thank you!  All of his siblings were adopted at 8 weeks. He had a medical problem that made him "less than perfect" in a breeder's eye which I'm sure made him "less than perfect" in the buyer's eyes as well. Mind you he was $1300 back in 2008  with a "medical issue".  He had an undescended testicle, which, if you do not intend on breeding is really not an issue. Well yes and no. Best dog ever, yes, easiest pet ever, no. But seriously, is there ever an "easy pet"? I've had every pet imaginable in order avoid getting a dog. Everything form scooping up tadpoles and baby toads from the pond to hamsters and cats... you name it, we adopted it. After years of caring for pets that always died within a year or less of adopting them and my kids being traumatized each time. After keeping crickets alive in order to keep my toad alive I found that keeping a dog alive was actually much easier! I found that owning a dog was actually the most amazing experience I've ever had as well as the most heart opening...I could not imagine how I could love someone who was not my child as much as I could love my dog...that was the day my life changed forever!

Simon, we are forever grateful to you for showing us what unconditional love really is!


Simon at 8 years old with Penny right after we adopted her. What do you think he is trying to tell us?