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6-8 Weeks

OK, we can do this, we're in the final stretch, right? That's what we kept telling ourselves anyway. The last 2 weeks were insane! They were growing like weeds, eating and drinking like bears and increasingly more and more active. It was like having 12 toddlers on the verge of being teenagers!

Around 6 am we would wake up to adorable little puppy whines (ones that we could hear all the way upstairs with a room air-conditioner running full blast). Steve and I would rush down the stairs to run around, picking up puppy nuggets off of the wood floor inside the crate, frantically grabbing up poopy and urine soaked wee-wee pads and making food as quickly as possible as the little whines would quickly escalate to complete puppy histeria! The cocktail of smells would have us gagging most days, the smell of urine, feces, puppy formula with fish oil/probiotic puppy food soaked in water and put into the food processor. But this is much better than waking up to the smell of fresh roasted coffee, right? Only 2 more weeks, Honey!

The great thing was that once the reached the dishes they would settle in nicely for a few minute of peace while the devoured every last drop. The trick was trying to mix up just the right amount so no one would go away hungry. I was always a balancing act. After the mayhem of feeding time we would take them all outside right after they ate so that they would poop out there and give us a break from trying to save pee-pee pads.

Then there was the yard! Keeping them from escaping became a very stressful endeavor! People walking or even driving by would inevitably stop to get a glance or even try to come in and get a squeeze from a cute little puff ball. This would set a mass exitous into play! even the last week most of them were still small enough to fit between the fence posts...terrifying to say the least! For heaven sake, we made this far, they all have families expecting them to be alive on adoption day! We do not need puppies getting hit by cars at this point, ugh, when does this get easier?

Penny's Puppies from Heaven


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