it's so hard saying goodbye


OK, I will now take back all of the things I said about how difficult it was to raise these incredible little beings over the past 2 months. It became worth every minute when the adoptive parents would come to visit. Many of them making special "dates" while others popped in whenever they could possibly get away to come see their new "baby". They were counting down the days just as much as we were! But as hard as it was to take care of them, it was even harder to think about them not being here. They were so much a part of our lives that giving them away seemed like giving away our own children, we were each attached to each of them very deeply and profoundly. Each of us had our own attachments and didn't want to let go of certain puppies, it was so much more emotional then I expected when this all started. 

Penny's Puppies from Heaven


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