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4-6 Weeks

Just when we thought we were starting to see the light, 2 weeks in, Caroline noiced a lump under one of Penny's nipples. I was noticing that she had been favoring that side for a few days and not switching sides to nurse as she had been since the start. I called the ER vet and of course they wanted us to bring her in right away. The vet did an exam and diagnosed her with mastitis in one of her nipples. Mastitis is an infection in the milk duct but it seemed that we had caught it early and that we should just put hot compresses on it and continue to encourage the puppies to nurse on the effected nipple so it could work out the blockage. Easier said than done

This time we decided to bring her to Hope in Malvern as it was closer to home in case she needed additional follow-ups. The doctors and nurses at Hope were amazing! They told us to bring all of the puppies with us in case she needed to nurse them while she was there. Everyone welcomed us with so much love, they were so incredibly sweet and kind. She was examined thoroughly by Dr. Shoettle and came to us with more bad news...

The next day the lump was gone! It was a miracle! I was praising the gods until later that day we noticed oozing blood near Penny's c-section incision. We we horrified! It appeared to be her incision splitting open

Penny's Puppies from Heaven


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